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Expensive Smart Phone Stop Buying And Do Not Waste Money.

Is it worth it Well, you clicked on the right page my friends. For the last week or so, I've been daily drivingthis Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. And there is a lot like, however at $1400, itreally begs the question, shouldn't you just spend that money on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, or make better financial decisions? "I honestly want to know if you were able "to fit the phone inyour pocket, that's it, "that's the tweet". Well, I mean, we can find out, I mean, (upbeat music) yes. It actually fits in the pocket fine "Does it seem too big, "Or has it reached the pointof almost being a tablet"? I am still kinda on the fence on this one. So this is a 6.9 inch smartphone. It's big.

It is very big. And as someone who'stypically not a big fan of large smartphones, it's a little bit annoying, right? So especially last night, as I was sort ofscrolling through Twitter, I was on the phone for like 30 minutes, and at that point, like, kinda I used a little pinky grip, and it was just starting tofeel sort of heavy and annoying. "Does it come with a clear case in the box "like the Asian markets do? No. More specifically, weget the phone itself, the pretty beefy poweradapter, USB-C to C cable, and a pair of USB-C AKG headphones. "Does it come with a screenprotector out of the box"? Yes it does.

And I proceed to immediately take it off, because, look, I'm gonna be real, I started peeling it off because I thought it wasthe protective plastic. "Is 120 hertz really worth getting over "a normal 60 hertz phone"? Yes. So last year of course,OnePlus brought out 90 hertz displays. However this year, we have afull 120 hertz on the S20, and the S20 Plus and the Ultra. So I actually went muchmore in depth on this, on my podcast The Test Drivers, which you can shamelessly download at the link in the description if you haven't already subscribed. (clears throat) Sorry, what was that? (clears throat) Right out of the box, you can see it set to notonly 1080p resolution, but standard 60 hertz smoothness. Now the thing is, well, I mean sure, for somepeople that might be all right.

When you paying thismuch money for a phone, I mean you gotta turn that on, right? Am I uncomfortably close right now? Look, Ken's been gone, he's in Japan right now, I had to shoot this video by myself. So things are gonnaget weird, I apologize. The main downside is thatyou have to run it at 1080p to get that full 120 hertz experience. If you want the fullresolution of this phone, which would be nice, especiallyconsidering how huge it is, you have to run it at 60 hertz. So your trade off is literally full resolution with 60 frames per second, or lower resolution, with 120.

"Geekbench or AnTuTu benchmark"? So this is the first time that I've used a Snapdragon865 powered device, which as you may expect, is the most powerful Android phone yet, easily outperforming the last year's model of like the Galaxy S10,as well as the OnePlus. However, while it is morepowerful than most Android phones, if you compare it tosomething like the iPhone 11, it is close but it still falls behind specifically in single thread.

"How fast is the phone unlock "with the in-display fingerprint sensor"? It's fine. So as far as I can telltalking with Samsung, it is very similar if not identical to the sensor that wehad on the S10 last year. Which means that it is fine. I will say after spending this last week with also the Z Flip, I much prefer how fast the side mounted, actual physical fingerprint sensor is on this phone as opposed to the S20 Ultra. It's certainly not bad, but it's not really majorimprovement over last year. "5G speeds"? So I am using the S20 Ultraon T-Mobile's 5G network. Now I do have 5G here at the office, however, what I have is their sub-6 5G. Which means that it is similar to 4G LTE, except it's faster, butit's not quite as crazy as some of those mmWave speeds that you might see on some other networks. And that technically,S20 Ultra does support, if I was on, say likeVerizon or something. But well, let's just speed test it and see. So I have full bars of 5G right now. And I am getting 40, 50, 50 megs down.

This is while a step forwardfor LTE and it's better than generally speaking than most LTE. It is not as crazy as some ofthose mmWave speeds that you've probably seenin like Marques' video. "How's the battery life been"? Good. So of course, the Ultra one of it'sheadlining features, among many, many ridiculous specs, is a huge 5000 milliamp hour battery. Now to be fair, I have not spent enough time to really get to grips with this, especially 'cause I haven'tbeen on any kind of millimeter wave 5G, it's been kindafairly standard use. But I've easily been able toget through a full day of use with this guy, which well, shouldn't be a surprise, even with that 120 hertz display on.

"Is 100 times space zoom just a gimmick"? Well, no. So this does have afive times optical zoom, not 10 times optical zoom, like I was led to believe before. (clears throat) So if we jump into the camera, you can see that if I switchover to the ultra wide, that's night mode, I don't want that. But I switch to the ultra wide, you can see that obviouslyvery wide field of view, switch to the standard, it looks nice, but as soon as I go tozoom in, I'm at five times, And that's actually apretty significant zoom. You can really see a lot closer. However once you startgetting beyond that, it gets to be a little sketchy. So if I pull up this feature again, so we can go to 10 times, which, say I wanna look atthe camera on the ceiling, well that looks fine, and it's certainly better thansomething like the iPhone. That actually is pretty impressive what you can get out ofeven just five times zoom. So if I zoom into something like 30 times, it doesn't look super impressive, until you jump out to the wide angle and see just how far away you are. It is not a perfect setup, and I think the fact they put that 100 times space zoom on the back, is a little bit disingenuous. But I think there's no doubtthat this is one of the best zoom cameras on anyphone that you can get.

"Austin, they hyped thecameras on this thing, "and I mean they hyped the cameras. "So my question, "how does this $1000 plus phone, "compare with the point and shoot camera "like an RX100 or G5X"? It is good, but it is not as good. So I took a couple of sample stills, I will show you guys right now. So if you zoom in on a shotlike this on the RX100, you'll see that it'sreally nice, you know, you got a little bit of depthof field in the background, plenty of detail. Now if we switch over to the Samsung, you can see that it doeshave that larger sensor. And with the 108 megapixelsand that huge sensor, it actually does give us alittle bit of depth of field, especially when you go to the beard, there's a lot of extra detailsI'm not really a huge fan of. And if I switch over to the iPhone, you'll see that it isjust not quite as nice. So I will say that the iPhone does not sharpen things quite as much, and this is only a single sample. But on the other side, what we're looking at here, is something which white balancedoesn't look quite as nice, and the color looks to be fine, but not particularly impressive.

So to sort of sum it up, if you look at the SamsungGalaxy S20 Ultra side by side with an RX100, it gets reasonably close, but it is not as good andthere's still probably a good couple year gap between them. Especially considering that theRX100 has a much nicer lens. There's a lot of stuffyou can do in software to make color and dynamicrange look better. At the end of the day, so much of it does come down to that glass that you put in front of the sensor, and that's just simply not something that you can really pushsmartphones that far on yet, unless you wanna have like, a lens like this pop outthe back of your phone. "Is the 8K video asgood as the RED camera"? So for context right now, I am recording on an 8K RED camera.

Although to be fair, the lens is much muchnicer than on the S20, and the color has been customprofiled for this location. However, this is what it looks like when we are recording 8kvideo on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Now we are recording it thatsame 24 frames per second, however something I really noticed is that when you go from 4k to 8k, it gets really noisy. So this is not exactly a dark environment, but it is not a super high key really sort of brightly lit one. And as you can see on theRED, it handles it no problem. There's essentially no noise and again, we sort of custom builtthis entire set for the RED, with the exact same settings, you can see that while the8K video isn't terrible, it is certainly nowhere nearas good as a true 8k camera.

"How about a low light photo comparison"? So I had some time to take the S20 Ultra, the Galaxy Z Flip, and the iPhone 11 Pro out for a little photo test last night. And generally speaking,the results are good. Now I will say that I'm not a huge fan of the way the Samsungnight mode performs. So some shots actually, I will say didn't even wantto kick into night mode. And some of them looked quite nice. But when you click into that night mode, unlike something on the Pixel, which I feel like generally speaking, does a very very good job ofkinda balancing a long exposure with multiple and kind of merging it well.

The S20 Ultra would like,sit there and go oh, I need a 10 second exposure. And you can see a shot like this, it just doesn't look as goodas something like the iPhone which only needed a coupleof seconds to do it. And a lot of that because when you have such a long exposure, gotta hold the phone exactlystraight like 10 seconds. It's difficult to get anykind of real detail there. Now mind you in some other shots, it is significantly better than something like theiPhone or the Z Flip. But for the most part, it'sa little bit of a mixed bag. I think that the iPhone and Pixel may still have a slightedge in night mode, but we'll see when I spend alittle bit more time with it. Generally speaking though, it's good, not amazing.

"Is the selfie camerabetter than the normal "and plus versions"? So sadly, I only have theS20 Ultra and right now, I will be getting myhands on the standard S20 probably in the nextcouple of weeks or so, but I can compare itto again the iPhone, as well as the Z Flip. So let's see, we put them all side by side, I think it's pretty clear tosay that the S20 Ultra wins. Now I do slightly preferthe look of the iPhone as far as color goes, but the extra detail on the S20 Ultra really is pretty apparent. Although I'm not entirelysure how many people want that much detail in their selfies maybe, isn't that what beauty modes for, Is to smooth things out? "Can the S20 Ultra record 60 FPS "with all three cameraslike the iPhone 11 Pro"? No.

So if I jump into the camera app, when I'm on 4k 60, it simply does not give mean option to zoom in or out. Now if I jump into the settings and switch it to say 4k 30, you'll see that now, I have those options. So while I'm recording, Ican easily sort of jump in, jump out, and it will work. However at 4k 60, you're stuck with justthe standard angle camera. "How significant of adifference does it have "coming from the S10 or the S10 plus, like does this reallyqualify for being Ultra? So that's really the mainquestion for this video, right? With a $1400 price tag, is the Galaxy S20 Ultrareally worthy of that name? I would say yes.

So while it is veryexpensive, it is very large, but this is a ridiculouslyspec hungry monster, right? I mean you've got 108 megapixel camera, five times optical zoom,with 100 times space zoom, 5000 milliamp hour battery,fastest Snapdragon 865 processor you get, you got 120 hertz display, I mean, yes, this really is about the mostridiculous overkill phone I can think of, and you have to pay the price for that. So coming around to I guessthe beginning of this video, is the Galaxy S20 Ultra worth it? It depends. Are you a person who justwants a good solid smartphone, with decent cameras? The standard S20 or iPhone or OnePlus, there is a lot of other optionswhich will be just fine, right? This is not for you.

The S20 Ultra is only worth itif you're one of those nerds who really wants the absolute max. And I don't say nerd in a bad way, right? If you really want thatultimate experience, the Ultra does deliver somethingthat you just can't get on any other phone right now. The cameras are quite good,the battery is massive. There is just a lot tolike with this phone. So if that's what you are interested in, if you really want theultimate, the max, the most, I mean sure, I might beperfectly happy with the Z Flip, and just sort of the form factor of it, but at the price, you aregetting much less specs, you are getting much lessof pretty much everything, just besides the novelty.

Whereas the S20 Ultra reallydoes deliver ridiculous overkill performance. So I'm curious, what do you guys thinkabout the S20 Ultra? And if you enjoyed this video, definitely be sure tosubscribe to the channel. Because well, I love you, and I hope that you love me back. And we all know the only reasonto show love in this world, is by ringing the notification bell.

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