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How Can I Create Powerfull Backlink.

today we're going to be going over specific tactics thatyou can use to get links. You should always havea well-rounded portfolio of ways to get links. If you don't, you're not going to do well when it comes to link building, because you have to adapt. But here's the thing, link building's a deliberate practice. You need to keep practicing and practicing and doing it to get better at it. People like Jerry Seinfeld, he's crushed it.

He's done so well fromSeinfeld the TV show that many of you have seen, he's worth a ton of money. Why? Because he constantlyis always practicing and writing jokes. Same with athletes. Lebron James, amazing basketball player. Michael Jordan, amazing basketball player. Tiger Woods, amazing at golf. All these people have continually focused on one skill and got better and better. And I know you have morethings to do in your life than just link building, but if you want to do well in SEO, you have to get good at link building. And that's why you alsohave your scorecard. So make sure you download it, fill it out, because it'll help you stay on track and continually build those links. Here's the thing though, before we really dive into link building, a lot of people have this misconception that it doesn't work forhyper competitive industries.

It works for all industries. I don't care if you're competing against some of the biggest brandslike GoDaddy, right? Even if you're trying torank for terms like hosting and beat them, you can. And there's companies like HostGator who aren't anywhere nearlyas known as GoDaddy, yet they still rank extremely well for terms like web hosting. So, here are some strategies for you. The first strategy iscompetitor link building. You can type in yourcompetitor's domain name, like GoDaddy, and in thebacklinks report in Ubersuggest it'll show you all thepeople who link to them.

And you can look at whichlinks are follow links, because the follow linksare the ones that you want. Those are the ones that pass juice, export it, and then open upthe PDF or more so Excel sheet that you're given. Then I want you to filter the results by domain score, and you want the highest number first. Sites with the higher domain score are the ones that ideally you want to get linking back to you because those are the ones that are going to helpyou boost your rankings more than others. You also want to look atthe referring page title.

Is it relevant to your website? If so, great, you shouldconsider hitting that site up. If not, you're probably wasting your time because they're probablynot going to link to you. The second strategy forsuccessful link building is all about content backlinks. Here's what I mean by this. You type in any keywords within Ubersuggest you'll see who's rankingon the right side, this is in the keyword ideas report. And you see all right, hosting facts. They're ranking really highfor the term web hosting, so you end up clicking on hosting facts and you end up taken toanother report in Ubersuggest which shows you all their backlinks. You can click on thebacklinks number as well, and that'll take you to backlinks report.

I want you to do the same thing. Look at your competition, who's ranking high because a lot of them are content based websites. They're not like theGoDaddy's that are just offering a service, but many of them are justcontent based websites. Look them up, look at their content, look at their backlinksreport within Ubersuggest, I want you to export the CSV, and same thing. You want to sort by domain score, and then from there look for the results that are the most relevant based on page title and you could consider hitting them up. I'll provide you withthe templates as well on how to hit them up, but I first want to goover all the strategies. The next one is guest posting.

So, you can end up looking at any popular news websitewithin Ubersuggest and go to their top pages and you can see all right, here are all the popular pages that they have. This is a news website. And some of them will bewritten by random authors. That will show you, okay, these people are accepting content from other writers. Whether they're guest posts or not, in essence, they're acceptingcontent from writers. And you don't need to worry if a site only offers guests posting, just look for news websites that have a ton of authors. Because once you find the authors, you can then Google their name, and go find all of the places that they have written. And what I want you to do is go to them, connect with them ontheir social profiles, many of them will add you, and once you connect with them, I want you to reach out to them.

And send them an email thatgoes something like this. Hey, let's say theauthor's name is Nathan. Hey Nathan, I just want to let you know I'm a huge fan of your work and I love your latest blog post on, enter in the topic, it's a great post, keep up the great work, and I look forward to reading informational blog posts from you, cheers, and then your name. You'll find that they'll usually respond saying thanks or something like that. A few days later, I want you to sendanother follow up email. Hey Nathan, I just saw that you wrote about XYZ article, it's awesome, it'sactually very beneficial but I noticed that youmissed a few key points, and then in this area youwant to give them feedback. Readers like me and your other readers might find those points beneficial if you covered them, I just wanted to share your thoughts, hopefully I didn't offend you, your number one fan, Neil.

What you'll find is, after you send out the second email, they usually get back, they appreciate the criticism, constructive criticism more so, because you're helping them become better. Who's going to hate on that? And they usually willjust respond saying thanks or appreciate it, and then eventually once they respond I want you to send out a third email. Hey Nathan, I reallylove what you're doing at the New York Times and I want to follow in your footsteps, you're a huge inspiration to me and I think I can learn a lot from you and one day hopefully I can write content just as amazing as you, pay you back, and I want to help create anarticle for your audience. And then you can suggest an article and just ask them directly for an introduction to the editor. And either they'll do it or not, but typically what I find is yes you're going to get ignored but roughly 30% of the time they're going to respond positively and do an introduction.

See, if you get introduced to the editor of some of these newssites from other authors, you're much more likely to get accepted. When you're doing guest posting, remember, these linksshould be no followed, and use them not just because hey it can manipulate Google. You don't want to think that way, hence I'm telling you tono follow the guest post, that's a common standard practice. But it's more so that you want to do this because these sites can also drive a lot of volume in traffic as well as revenue and leads or sales for you. There's another way that you can also find link opportunities andthat's just using Google.

There's a ton of search operators such as puttingintitle:"keyword", inurl:"links". And when you do those things and you put in your keyword where it says keyword, for the links you just leave links, you'll find a bunch of resources and sites that couldpotentially be willing to link out to you. You can also use broken link building, you can follow theoperators on the right side. I won't read all of them off, but as long as you follow them, you can also find a lot of sites that link to other resources and just check to make sure they're live and ifsome of them are broken you can reach out and have them replace it with a link to your site that's very similar.

You can also use the siteaudit tool within Ubersuggest, it'll tell you if youhave any broken links on your site, or any of your competitors sites. This is great because it opens up a ton of opportunities for you as well. Some other searchoperators that you can use for guest posting, you can see all of them on the left, I won't bore you with them, you can just go through them step by step and type them into Google. The ones on the right for PR you can use those as well. One thing to note is when I'm doing link building, I like looking at thetraffic of the website. The more traffic it has the better it is. You don't want to linkfor the sake of link or to try to rank higher just on Google, you want links because it's good for you, it's good press, it can improve your brand awareness, it can drive revenue. It's worth it.

So I highly recommend that you look at the traffic that some of these sites have when you're approaching them for a link, because if they only have one visitor, they're not going to be that valuable. So some other linkbuilding resources for you, and I really love this one but very few people do it is create custom images. You can do this through Canva, you can do this through Infogram, and when you publishthese images on your site, you'll notice that a lot of people will just take them and repurpose them and they won't give you credit for them.

So you want to take those links, or images more so, put them into Google image search, and do a reverse image search lookup, and it'll show you all the websites that are using that image. And if they're taking your image, you can hit them up andask them to link to you. So some action items for you, I want you to first downloadthe search operators PDF so that way you have them all and you can find more link opportunities. And two, make sure you find backlinks and fill in your link building score card which you already downloadedin the previous week. And three, I want you tojoin 10 Facebook groups and start joining the conversation, because if you join these Facebook groups, you'll get to know people, and it'll also open upmore PR opportunities and more link buildingopportunities as well.

If you're not sure where to find the files and you don't see them, go to, click on SEO Unlocked, you would want to go to module five, and you want to go to the second video under module five and underneath that video you'll see the download file to all of these. The link building scorecard, technically that one is under the first video in module five. Thank you for watching, and I look forward togetting you loved by Google.

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