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Whats New In IOS 13 Beta 3.

apple released ios 14 developer beta 3. this is available toall ios 14 supported devices if you're a developer you can downloadand install it now and if you aren't seeing it already the public betashould be out either later today or tomorrow based on what apple's done inthe past you can see this came in at 696.7megabytes on my iphone 11 pro max and it was about five or six hundredmegabytes on the ipad pro 12.9 from 2020 as well as the iphonese the original iphone sc now let's take a look at the buildnumber and talk about what's new you can see the build number is 18a5332f and this particular build adds a couple differentchanges to things such as the music icon we'll talk about in a moment and thereis a new modem update so it's nice to see them continuallywork on that and they did fix that storage bug that many people were havingso if we go into general and then we go down toiphone storage you'll see that i'm only using69.5 megs or gigabytes of 256 gigabytes before i was using almost all of mystorage under other apple has fixed this and it seems likeother people are reporting the same thing as wellso most people are seeing this storage bug fixed so that's great we've got ourstorage back it wasn't really affecting the overall performance or anything ofmy phone but it's nice that they fixed it nowaccording to apple's notes there's over 40 known issues and one ofthose issues is that 3d touch is temporarily unavailablein ios 14 beta 3.

how you would have to have a 3d touch devicebut you can still do haptic touch so i'm not sure what they mean by it'sunavailable it basically feels the same and i'm not sure maybe theydisabled the pressure layer in things like the iphone 6s plus for examplebut in general it seems like you can tap and hold and it's not a problem it'sjust disabled in this particular buildhowever they've resolved 30 issues including things such as accessibilitywith siri when you say hey in front of it as wellas guided access now works in accessibilityand also this is a bug although it seems like it's just a designchange where in imessage app icons are now hidden when switching to the emojikeyboard so if i go into messages and if i go to create a new message onthe left you'll see here is ios 14 beta 2 running on my iphone 10rand then i have ios 14 beta 3 on the right running on the iphone 11 pro maxand so if i tap on the emoji keyboard hereyou'll see that at the top on the left we still have all our different iconswhere now they're gone on the newer beta so it kind of cleansup the screen gets rid of the clutter and then we can search emoji easily nowinstead of having that in the way now also in messages they've updated thememoji as well and now i'm not really seeingthis but it actually has to do with face covering so if we go back and we goto our memoji here some people were sayingthe face covering has changed i haven't seen the difference between beta 2 andbeta 3 but instead of having it horizontal theywere saying there was a vertical line down the center in the older versionsi'm not seeing that but as you can see they look the same onmy devices so i'm not sure what people are seeing that but some arenow you can see there's a big change with the music icon they've gone back tothe ios 7 style icon where it's more of a pinkish red color with a whitemusic note in it so if we open up the music iconor the music app and go to listen now it's kind of the samebut they have made a few changes so for example when we go into librarythere's now icons so if i do the same on the previous version with iphone 10ryou'll see here on the left there's no icons but on the right with beta 3 wehave icons now for playlists artists albums songs and downloads alsoi noticed when you tap on an album the buttons are a slightly differentcolor so on the beta 2 version you've got play and shuffle being a redbutton with sort of a white play word in the middle and shuffle buton the beta 3 version.

we have play that's gray with thepinkish red color saying play so it's a little bitdifferent based on which version you're on it's a nicelittle change i'm not sure which one i like more butthey have updated it and those are the changes in this particular version nowalong with the music icon change they've also added anew music widget so you'll see here's the widgetit's red in color or reddish pinkish color withthe album art inside of it and then also we have a new clock widgetso you can see the different world clocks here so those are newly addedand let's press and hold and i'll show you the different stylesand it seems to be more responsive as far as the widgets are concerned so forexample here's the clock widget and here's the different styles anddifferent sizes and then if we go back we'll go down tothe music widget here and there's the different styles andsizes as well so you have those different music widget optionsif you want to use them and of course you can just drag them to your homescreen if you want to use them now initially i did have an issue withthe weather widget it was actually black to begin with and wouldn't worki had to delete the widget and then recreate it and it worked properlyso that's something that they've updated it's really nice but when it comes toolder widgets so you'll see down here i have my tesla widgetas well as the current weather conditions if i press and hold onwidgets we'll keep holding you'll see that it'ssort of separated the tesla and weather widgetinto sort of a older style widget now this willprobably be updated once ios 14 is available to the public inseptember or october but you'll see you can customize it hereand you can add these but you can't really do anything to themso for example if we go to let's say lifx which issome lights that i use now they're down here in the bottom in the widget youcan't really move this around though you can add to it so it's nice thatthey've added that and it's just a way to use your oldlegacy widgets at this point until they're updated now the first timeyou go to the widgets page you'll actually get some moreinformation

so i haven't gone to it on this iphone sewe'll slide over and you'll see it says refreshed widget press and hold a widgetto reorganize them in jiggle mode tap the plus in the top left to add awidget or to add widget and you can see they've actually called itjiggle mode now and there's a photo of myself here butit's a nice little update and then if we slide over to the app library you'llalso get one the first time you go into the app library i took a screenshot ofthis so let's go into photos and the first time you open it it sayswelcome to app library a new home for your apps organized in smart categoriesand then finally if you press and hold on an icon maybe you want to delete itpress and hold you'll also get one that says edit home screenshide unorganized home screen pages by tapping the page dotsso it just tells you you can sort of tap the page dots hide the home screensit's giving a little tutorial for those who who have not used it so it's nice tosee that this will be really helpful when ios 14launches later this year now if you're running thewatch os 7 betas like

i am on my series 4 apple watchapple has added an additional feature to hand washingso if we go into the apple watch app on our iphoneopen the app scroll down to where it says hand washingand under hand washing there's a new hand washing reminderand it says receive a notification if you haven't washed your hands within afew minutes of returning home so if you turn that on or off it rebootsyour watch and you now can have a reminder as you return home hey you needto wash your hands so it's a nice little reminder if youneed that now one thing that they've actually fixedthat's really nice if you use mail or i guess they've updated to bring back whatit was like in ios 13.6 if we go into mail now if we tap edit wecan just use one finger drag down and select and highlight emails this wastaken away in the previous betas you had to use two fingers they've brought itback how it was before i think this is a better way to do iti'm glad to see they've brought this backnow something they've updated with the feedback app is a nice newsummer newsletter so if you go into your inbox yesterday they actually added thisno one really caught it but you'll see it says summernewsletter one and it explains

everything in the coming weekswhat exactly is system diagnostics logs and gives you a little bit moreinformation about what submitting feedback does and how itworks so it's nice to see look out for maybe summer newsletter 2in a couple weeks but it's nice to see apple add this so it explains more ofwhat they're doing for different versionssuch as ipad os and watch os 7 and all of those as wellnow one small change i noticed is the page dots at the bottom that representthe different pages they've actually been moved down ever soslightly on beta 3. so ios 14 beta 3 they've movedthem down just a little bit compared to beta 2 that i have here onthe left so maybe that's to make more room forwidgets or resizing later on but it's nice that they've moved them downalso those emoji that apple showed off not too long ago that are coming toios later this fall are not yet in beta 3 or at least i couldn't find them sothat would be things like an anatomical heart and some other things as well sothere's a bunch of other emoji that comply with the unicode consortiumthat other people follow as well such as microsoft and android or google withandroid those will come to all of those devicesso they keep up to date with all the latest emojinow with ipad os well those changes that i've talked about already are presenthere however on ipad os they've gotten rid ofthe weather widget and you can't add it so if we go into our widgets here pressand hold we'll add a widget you'll see at thebottom there's no weather widget to be found sothey've removed that unfortunately i would love to see them bring that backbut right now there's no weather widget on ipad os 14.

but with ipad os there's not really anything new however it's been fairlystable compared to the others now with ios 14 beta 3 it's really hard to tellhow battery is without using it for a few days so i'llbe doing a follow up on sunday but let's take a look at the batterylife on beta 2 that i've been using for the past couple of weeks now if wego into battery go to battery health you'll see i'm at 96 percentthis is completely within spec in normal battery health does not go down when youupdate your device it simply re-measures the physical condition of the battery soit's completely within spec 80 after two years is normal now batterylife for me on beta 2 was not great you'll see here's a day i used over 75percent of my battery and i only had four hours and 59 minutesof screen on time four hours and seven minutes of screenoff time it will vary from day to day but normally 10 to 12 hours on an 11 promax is normal and battery life on early betas is notgreat anyway so it's not a big concern to me but it may be for some people soif battery is a concern i would stay away from betasand when it's closer to the final release then that's more of a prioritynow the overall performance has been really good i've noticed things are muchquicker as far as pressing and holding icons to bring up different menusor going into jiggle mode for example it just feels more responsivedifferent apps moving widgets around things like that seem to be a little bitbetter so we'll move this around you'll see it's very responsive thingsseem much better that way of course again it will take a few days to knowfor sure now even on older devices it seems to be pretty fast i would say thisis faster or more responsive than ios 14 beta 1 or 2.

so again pressing and holding icons menus pop up quicklyif we go over to minecraft for example let it loadwe'll see what the frame rate is like so just moving along like thisit does seem fairly smooth if i want to look around fastof course this looks kind of ridiculous in my hands but you get the idea herelet's move around so i don't have to jump it's hard for me to hit thesebuttons on such a small display but you'll see it's nice and smooth ihaven't seen any choppiness or anything like thatso expect performance to be pretty good now let's take a look at the benchmarksand see what we've got now i'm using geekbench five so if you want to compareyour scores with what i have here that's probably what you'll want to useand you'll see my single core score on the 11 pro max is 1338 and 3426 formulti-core this is better than before and it goesalong with it feeling more responsive so you can see the different scores hereit is definitely a little bit higher with multi-coreso i would expect it to be a little bit snappier the way it feelsjust in general it seems to be zipping alongnow again this could slow down a little bit over time since it is an early betabut in general it feels pretty good that's it for ios 14 beta 3. now ifyou've found anything else significant let me know in the comments below and ifthere's a bunch of changes i'll do another videowith all of the other features i've found as well now expect ios 14 beta 4maybe on a weekly cycle at this point that's what they've done before in thepast with ios 13 but you never know what apple's going to do so we'll have towait and see as far as that goes we may see another ios 13 before thelaunch of 14 but again it's hard to say at this pointapple seems to be changing things up a little bit now if you'd like to get yourhands on this wallpaper of course i'll link it in the description like inormally do and if you haven't subscribed already please subscribe andif you enjoyed the video please give it a likeas always thanks for watching this is Aaron i'll see you next time  

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